We are a firm with more than 50 years offering legal services.

We have specialists in each of the following practice areas:


Corporate and Company Law


  • General counseling regarding companies corporate structure.
  • Counseling regarding incorporation of companies and structuring business groups and their related parties.
  • Counseling drafting build-to-suit bylaws and their corporate structures to fit client necessities.
  • Drafting, negotiation and counsel regarding shareholder’s agreements.
  • Foreign Investment regulatory compliance.
  • Structuring investment and funding vehicles.

Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Strategy, negotiation, counsel, follow up and execution of corporate transactions.
  • Stock purchase agreement and asset purchase agreement.
  • Merger and acquisitions meetings minute.
  • Due diligence regarding general legal counsel, regulatory and transactional compliance.
  • Counseling regarding sale and purchase of assets and stock.
  • Designing Joint Ventures.
  • Counseling and continuous follow-up regarding transnational transactions

Estate Planning and inheritance procedures


  • Counseling on planning Estates.
  • Companies with different series of shares and rights.
  • Estate trusts.
  • Legal implementation of family protocols through shareholder’s agreements and bylaw amendments.
  • Wills
  • Dissolution of marital property along with agreements and asset arrangements.
  • Conditioned and/or life interest.
  • Donations.

Real Estate


  • Structuring, counseling and follow up of real estate projects.
  • Real estate trusts.
  • Counseling on urban legal guidelines and, in general, regulatory matters of urban development.
  • Counseling on obtaining funds.
  • Assessments regarding labor contingencies and risk in developments.
  • Purchase and sale or lease of all sorts of property.
  • Counseling regarding condominium property regime.



  • Management and counseling regarding permits and permission upon natural gas and electricity authorities.
  • Design and arrangement of power supply and commercialization projects.
  • Design and arrangement of expenditure and distribution of natural gas projects.
  • Regulatory counseling regarding energy matters to regulatory agencies.
  • Negotiation and lobbying with state entities, e.g. Federal Electricity Commission (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) and Pemex.
  • Negotiation and conflict settlements regarding small property owners, “ejido communities” and communities.

Industrial and Intellectual Property


  • Counseling, registration, maintenance and follow up regarding industrial and intellectual property applications (trademarks, commercial names, patents, etc.) upon the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial” “IMPI”).
  • Counseling, registration, maintenance and follow up regarding applications regarding copyright interests upon the National Copyright Institute (Instituto Nacional de Derechos de Autor” “INDA”).
  • Maintenance and follow up regarding administrative proceedings upon IMPI.
  • Litigation and conflict settlements regarding industrial and intellectual property.

Banking and Financial


  • Counseling, negotiation, inquiry and drafting documents regarding credits, syndicated credit and other types of funding agreements.
  • Design and arrangement of debt warranties, including drafting trusts for those matters.
  • Design and arrangements of financial structures and banking operations.
  • National and international debt restructuring.
  • Regulatory counseling to financial or auxiliary entities, including management and follow up to applications upon National Banking and Securities Commission (“Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores” “CNBV”), as well upon the National Protection for Users of Financial Services Commission (Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de los Servicios Financieros” “CONDUSEF”).

Labor and Migratory.


  • Preventive and corrective counseling.
  • Due diligence in corporate transactions.
  • Assessment regarding outsourcing labor regime.
  • Design and arrangement of strategies for termination of labor contracts.
  • Counseling and drafting of labor contracts, non disclosure agreements and non competes, and other documentation regarding labor matters.
  • Counseling and maintenance for applications upon the National Migratory Institute (“Instituto Nacional de Migración” “INM”).
  • Counseling regarding visas.
  • Maintenance and follow through of proceeding upon migratory authorities.




  • Counseling, maintenance and follow up on criminal proceedings in representation of defendants or victims of crime.
  • Management, counseling and maintenance regarding subpoenas, integration of investigation file, filings of complaints or lawsuits and whichever other action with respect to criminal proceeding.
  • Maintenance and follow up on criminal proceedings.
  • Negotiation by means of alternative dispute resolution.
  • In general, apply our experience based knowledge and expertise regarding the new accusatory system of criminal justice.

Civil and Family


  • Civil proceedings in any of its stages.
  • Suits regarding leases and any kind of assets or real property.
  • Proceedings regarding credit and mortgages.
  • Counseling and maintenance on negotiation and dispute on family matters, including divorce, parental rights, custody, child support and alimony, relations, among others.
  • Probate proceeding.

Administrative and Urban Development.


  • Conflicts regarding public tender and grants.
  • Whichever proceedings regarding urban developments, including without limiting, administrative constitutional litigation, annulment proceedings against rejecting rulings of licenses or permits, etc.
  • Confront closures and adjournments.
  • Administrative proceedings and trials regarding intellectual property.



  • Attend individual labor proceedings.
  • Attend summons to strike.
  • Negotiations with labor unions.
  • Defense strategy formulation for specific trials.
  • Maintenance and periodic follow up with clients regarding active trials.
  • Employment termination notice.



  • Maintenance and follow up of trials regarding commercial loans, promissory notes, cheques, purchase orders, invoices, merchandise, INCOTERMS, merchant agreements, and whichever other disputes in between persons who participate in commerce.
  • Disputes between shareholders, officers, board members and others related to commercial entities.
  • Counseling, maintenance and follow up on issues regarding the execution, ruling or dispute between trust parties.
  • Disputes regarding insurance and bonds.



  • Defense and counseling upon any audit, verification or determination of tax credits.
  • Assessment, maintenance and follow up to whichever proceedings regarding tax matters.
  • Counseling regarding administrative customs matters procedures (PAMA).
  • Constitutional litigation and other jurisdictional actions to counter any laws that determine such taxes.

Constitutional Litigation


  • Filing, maintenance, and assessment regarding constitutional litigation claims and their stages.
  • Counseling in constitutional litigation matters.
  • Maintenance and follow up with execution of rulings.

Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution


  • Counseling regarding maintenance and settlement of disputes upon arbitration.
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings.
  • Maintenance and follow up regarding execution of arbitration awards.
  • Annulment proceedings for arbitration awards.
  • Assessment and follow up in homologation of awards ruled abroad.