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Fiscal and Administrative Litigation

In addition to our practices on Tax Consulting and Administrative Law, our Firm represents clients in all stages of investigation, review and audit processes in tax and administrative matters as well as in complex litigations, at all levels, in tax and administrative areas.

In tax matters, as part of our robust tax litigation practice, our clients have entrusted us with their representation in domiciliary visits, tax credit audits, cabinet reviews, information and documentation requirements, among others, allowing us to design the strategic litigation that best suits their needs, including the filing of means of defense in a tax or administrative nature, against the acts initiated by the authorities, such as the appeal for revocation, the contentious federal administrative trial and amparo trial.

In administrative and customs matters, we advise individuals and companies in conflicts related to or derived from: bids, concessions and permits in regulated industries, urban development projects, real estate projects, administrative sanctions derived from compliance with Mexican regulations, administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA), administrative processes for omitted contributions (PACO), and in general, the originated from any act of authority of the Government at its federal, state, and municipal levels.