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Labor and Social Security Counsel

Our Labor Consulting practice is distinguished by a close collaboration with our other practice groups to offer our clients an integral counsel regarding their rights and obligations as an employer or employee under Mexican law.

In this sense, we advise our clients in the preparation, implementation and negotiation of their individual and collective employment contracts, negotiations with unions, as well as in the preparation and implementation of internal corporate regulations that contribute to the compliance with applicable labor regulations and mitigate the existence of labor conflicts, including the subcontracting regime (outsourcing), compliance with specific norms such as the payment of the participation of workers in profits (PTU), anti-harassment policies, internal labor regulations, ethic codes, among others.

os miembros de nuestro equipo participan en los procesos de debida diligencia (due diligenceThe members of our team participate in due diligence processes in mergers and acquisitions processes with a timely preventive and/or corrective advice, designing and implementing strategies for employer substitution, dismissals, and restructuring, also participating in the supervision of inspections, appointments, and official meetings with labor and social security authorities. Our team is also trained to offer our clients' human resources departments advice, training and coaching for the implementation of internal labor regulations, codes of conduct, and best practices in labor matters.

In addition, we provide advice on the preparation and negotiation of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), options plans, compensation plans, incentive schemes, as well as confidentiality, non-compete, and non-solicit agreements, among others.