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Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Projects

We have a relevant participation in the energy and natural resources industry in Mexico, advising national and foreign clients from various sectors in their participation and interaction with this industry that has evolved rapidly in the last decade. Our position in this industry is headed by our lawyers from the energy, mining and infrastructure projects practice area, but is also supported by our renowned litigation practice, as well as the areas of mergers and acquisitions, real estate, banking and finance, public procurement and tenders, agrarian, economic competition, ESG, and project financing.

In the electricity industry, on one hand we advise private and public clients in the negotiation of their electricity supply contracts (PPAs or Power Purchase Agreements) como offtakers, y por otro lado asesoramos a los generadores, comercializadores y a los suministradores en la estructuración de grandes proyectos de generación y comercialización de energía eléctrica. Incluyendo proyectos con fuentes convencionales y renovables, como solares y eólicas. Asesoramos además en la gestión de proyectos y permisos legados bajo la Ley del Servicios Público de Energía Eléctrica, apoyando a nuestros clientes en la migración de sus permisos al amparo de la Ley de la Industria Eléctrica.

In the hydrocarbon industry, we support large players in the downstream, midstream y upstream sectors in the implementation of projects for the sale and distribution of natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), petroleum products and fuels, as well as in the negotiation of contracts for the exploitation and extraction of hydrocarbons, contracts for the provision of services for licensees of upstream activities, oil products transportation contracts, storage, interconnection, fuel and natural gas marketing contracts, among others. upstream, contratos de transporte de petrolíferos, contratos de almacenamiento, de interconexión, de comercialización de combustibles y de gas natural, entre otros.

Additionally, we negotiate and advise on the resolution of real estate conflicts with small owners, ejidos and communities, for the surface occupation required for this type of projects, assisting our clients in all the activities required for their projects to be successful.

In the mining industry, we support in obtaining concessions under the Mining Law (Ley Minera), in their management, as well as in strategic litigation related to the rights derived from mining concessions. Likewise, we participate in the negotiation of contracts for the extraction of minerals, and the use or exploitation of mineral residues.