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Commercial Litigation

In commercial matters, we support our clients by representing them in the initiation and development of legal proceedings initiated due to forced compliance or termination of all types of contracts, procedures to execute the collection of credit instruments (including promissory notes, checks), commercial bankruptcy procedures, attention to corporate disputes as well as between partners and shareholders, among others, in addition to the initiation of the pertinent amparo trials, and in the execution or enforcement of foreign judgments.

We set up multidisciplinary teams with members of our firm to attend the particularities of each matter, integrating procedural experts, as well as lawyers of each subject, to offer our clients comprehensive advice that improves the chances of success in their litigation trials in commercial matters.

The foregoing, has allowed us to represent national and foreign clients in the initiation or defense against legal actions derived from their commercial relations in Mexico, including those derived from loan agreements, financial leasing, financial factoring, insurance, franchises, guarantees, trusts, supply, joint ventures, commercial commission, as well as national and international sales of merchandise (including those involving INCOTERMS).

We have the required potential and connections in order to supervise trials in any part of the country and outside of Mexico.