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Private Wealth Management and Succession Planning

Nuestra firma ha recibido la confianza por parte de clientes variados con el objetivo de atender sus necesidades especificas respecto a la planificación patrimonial y sucesoria, incluyendo el diseño de estructuras para optimizar el patrimonio de nuestros clientes, sus activos e inversiones y para promover la distribución efectiva a sus herederos y legatarios.

A multidisciplinary team is in charge of providing advice with the highest standards of confidentiality and excellence in the preparation and execution of legal documents that may be required by our clients, as well as in the representation in any succession case, including litigation procedures.

Attending to the particular needs of each client, we offer sophisticated planning in tasks such as the design, review and legal implementation of family protocols, patrimonial trusts, wills, donations, lifetime and/or conditional usufructs, corporate agreements, dissolution of conjugal partnerships, among others.