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Civil and Family Litigation

Our firm has lawyers with a solid experience and reputation in litigation and is committed to objectively inform our clients about the implications of disputes in which they or their assets are involved.

We represent, as applicable, the plaintiffs or defendants in civil and family matters at the different stages of their legal proceedings, in the appeals and amparo proceedings that are initiated as a result thereof, as well as in the enforcement of foreign judgments.

In civil matters, we advise our clients in legal proceedings initiated due to forced compliance or termination of all types of contracts, trials related to the leasing of real estate, as well as all types of goods and properties, adverse possession trials, survey and demarcation, mortgages, voluntary jurisdiction diligences, preparatory means for trial, as well as in the design of strategic litigation to achieve the objective of our clients.

En materia familiar nos hemos posicionado como una opción confiable y profesional en la representación y asesoramiento de nuestros clientes en relación con la tutela de menores de edad y personas declaradas incompetentes, adopciones, autorizaciones judiciales, separaciones provisionales, cambio de régimen patrimonial, pensiones alimenticias, parentesco, procedimientos voluntarios y necesarios de divorcio, y sucesiones.

We have the required potential and connections in order to supervise trials in any part of the country and outside of Mexico.