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Our team has solid experience in negotiating with private counterparties and in dealing with the corresponding authorities for the negotiation, acquisition, and regularization of property and real estate rights in rural lands, ejidos, communities, and small properties.

With more than half of the national territory subject to ejido and communal regimes, we provide comprehensive advice regarding the applicable regulation in accordance with the Agrarian Law (Ley Agraria), the Regulation of the Agrarian Law in Matters of Rural Property Management (Reglamento de la Ley Agraria en Materia de Ordenamiento de la Propiedad Rural) and other legal provisions applicable to agreements of previous occupation, rural properties, land for human settlement, land for common use, parceled land, rural societies, among others.

We also manage in favor of our clients the acquisition of the rights of way that may be required for the start-up of their real estate or infrastructure projects, as well as the changes in ownership regime, and the litigation that may derive from these activities.