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Carlos de la Garza Santos


Mr. Carlos de la Garza has been a partner at Santos Elizondo since 1988. Since joining Santos Elizondo, his practice has focused mainly on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, international business transactions and trusts, and since 2008 he has added to his practice the legal implementation of family protocols.

Mr. de la Garza has represented several foreign public and private companies that have acquired Mexican companies through the purchase of shares or assets, mainly in the auto parts, chemical, maquila and logistics industries, among others. Likewise, he has participated in global transactions through which Mexican shares or assets were acquired. He has also represented Mexican shareholders who have decided to sell their shares or assets to domestic or foreign third parties. Finally, in the legal implementation of family protocols, he has given several conferences and has advised several business families in properly documenting their family agreements in order to give such agreements legal force.

From 1996 to 1997, Mr. de la Garza served as president of the National Association of Business Lawyers, Nuevo Leon Section. From 2004 to date, Mr. de la Garza has served as Counselor of the Family Business Center of the University of Monterrey. In 2007 he was appointed by the Universidad de Monterrey as a beneficiary of the "Catedra Laboris" named after him. He is currently General Counsel and Secretary of the executive board of the University of Monterrey and in 2016 was invited as guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of the students of the University of Monterrey.