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Heavy Industry Monthly Newsletter - April 2023

Decree Granting Tax Incentives to Key Sectors of the Exporting Industry

Effective Date of the Reform to Permit the Use of Electronic Means in Shareholders or Partners Meetings

Heavy Industry Monthly Newsletter - May 2023

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DateLegal HighlightImpact
1March 8Agreement CNH.E.89.010/2022 whereby the Guidelines for Assignments, Corporate Changes and Liens are issued.New Guidelines are issued with the purpose of regulating more efficiently the review and approval of the procedures involved.
2March 29Agreement No. A/026/2022 of the Energy Regulatory Commission (the “CRE”) issuing the general administrative provisions that establish the methodology to determine the calculation and adjustment of the regulated tariffs for the operation service of the National Energy Control Center (“CENACE”).This procedure determines the Regulated Tariffs for CENACE's operation service.
3March 23Salvador Ortuño Arzate is selected as the new commissioner of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (the "CNH").Salvador Ortuño Arzate will serve as CNH commissioner until December 31, 2029.
4March 30Walter Julián Ángel Jiménez is selected as the new commissioner of the CRE.Walter Julián Ángel Jiménez will serve as CRE Commissioner until December 31, 2030.
5March 30Agreement whereby the CRE modifies agreement A/037/2016, in which the criteria and methodology for determining the verification or inspection visits to be carried out are issued and the criteria and methodology for determining the verification or inspection visits to be carried out in the area of hydrocarbons are established.
With this amendment, the CRE will determine annually the licensees that will be subject to a verification visit through the Hydrocarbons Unit.
M I N I N G 
6March 17The Organic Statute of Lithium for Mexico is published.The purpose of the Organic Statute is to establish the basis for the organization, hierarchy, operation, and attributions of the organizational structure that integrates Lithium for Mexico.
7March 30Initiative of the Federal Executive: Decree reforming, adding, and repealing various provisions of the Mining Law; National Water Law; Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection Law; and General Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Waste, regarding mining and water concessions.The reform establishes relevant changes and obligations for private parties regarding mining and water concessions.