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Financial Services and Fintech

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers offers an integral advice to national and international companies that participate in the financial services industry, providing legal support that allows these companies to navigate through the frequent regulatory changes motivated by changes in the market, the maturation of this sector and by the technological advances in it, allowing our clients to land their investments in our country in the best possible way, or in its case, to consolidate them.

Our firm is aware that the traditional financial services sector and the Fintech sub-sector are highly competitive, as national and international financial institutions strengthen their operations in Mexico and compete among themselves and with Fintech companies that are created every day in an increasingly global market. This allows us to provide legal support with innovative solutions aimed at achieving regulatory compliance without harming the services offered by these companies.

In the traditional financial services sector, we provide legal advice to traditional financial institutions such as domestic and foreign investment banks and commercial banks, insurance and bonding institutions, investment funds, and multi-purpose financial companies, in the design and execution of complex financial transactions with cross-border or exclusively domestic approaches, as well as in their regulatory compliance, and in the offering of their services to the users of financial services in Mexico.

We also advise emerging companies that participate or seek to participate in the emerging Fintech ecosystem in Mexico as Financial Technology Institutions, providing advice on their regulatory compliance, tax compliance, compliance, and in the design and negotiation of legal documentation for their relevant business operations, whether as electronic payment fund institutions, crowdfunding institutions, institutions that carry out operations with virtual assets (cryptocurrencies) or that implement innovative models for the financial sector.