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Chemistry and Raw Materials

We represent national and international companies involved in the chemical and raw materials industry, through multidisciplinary groups that cover various practice areas of our Firm, allowing us to provide our clients with integral advice based on a deep knowledge of these industries and their technological advances.

Recognizing the importance of the chemical industry in Mexico and its relationship with the textile, automotive, construction, energy and appliance sectors, among many others, our lawyers approach the advice to our clients in this industry with a focus oriented to maximize their business and protect these companies against any eventuality, providing specialized consulting in their most relevant commercial and financial transactions, including the structuring and formalization of products supply agreements, purchase and sale of equipment and raw materials, transportation and storage, in addition to a timely legal advice on general and specific regulatory compliance for this industry.

In conjunction with our clients, we assist in the expansion, development, and protection of the commercial interests of companies in the commodities industry, accompanying them in their tax, customs and compliance needs, complementing our comprehensive corporate and litigation advice.