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Consumer Goods, Retail and E-commerce

We understand that the consumer goods and retail markets are evolving rapidly with the global industry, as there is greater competition and more varied and complex processes in the value chain of these markets, as well as in the way in which

Through a multidisciplinary practice, our lawyers offer legal advice tailored to our clients' businesses for every facet of their operations, designing and implementing innovative and practical solutions to meet their strategic legal needs in Mexico, whether they are domestic or foreign companies of varying size and presence.

In that sense, all of our practice areas accompany companies in the beverage and food sectors, electronics, luxury brands, liquor, as well as large players in convenience stores and sports stores, amongst others, in their ordinary and extraordinary operations in Mexico, as well as in their relations with their suppliers, clients and authorities.

On the one hand, our litigation practice groups diligently advise companies in this sector with the perspective required for the type of operations of retail and consumer goods companies, and on the other hand we have led M&A operations of players in this industry, also providing legal support in their real estate, corporate, compliance and public procurement operations.